Saturday, December 31, 2011

the 30 day challenge

Marriage is difficult. It's stupid to assume or act like it's simple. Every person is different and even if you married your clone, you still will face challenges.
Sex is everywhere!! I don't have to list out all the places who advertise sex or all the places you see it, you know and everyone complains about it all the time. 
The main point I want to get across to you is that sex is a great thing - everyone just makes it out to suck when you married. 
Have you noticed - all the people in your life who aren't married and are sleeping together, it is incredibly obvious. They talk about it, they spend weekends together, the joke about it, or they just seem all over each other in public. Why aren't the people who are supposed to be having sex doing this??
I've done this both ways - I slept with my boyfriend in high school and in college. Then I found the one who was worth the wait and we did not sleep together at all until our wedding night. Why wait when I had already lost my virginity? A lot of people think that it's totally pointless after the first time is already claimed. I needed to prove to the man I loved that I could do it even though everything in my past was trying to prove otherwise.
Whether you're Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist... I don't care. This is about marriage. I will be making plenty of references to God throughout my blog because I cannot do any of this marriage stuff without Him and I know it. 
Here I present to you a challenge:
Sex with your spouse for 30 days in a row. 
I start this challenge tomorrow with my husband and I'm not gonna lie... I'm nervous I won't follow through.
I hope this blog keeps me accountable to this challenge.
We have not been married long but we have a baby. When we got married, it never dawned on me that I wouldn't want to have sex with him. I waited for it for so long, I knew our sex life was going to be well worth the wait. 
Here I am years later wit ha baby in my lap as I type this...
Sex has become a chore.
I am exhausted with baby and I am still a working mom. The job is hard, the non-sleep is hard... I don't want to have sex nearly as much as I wanted to anymore. This happens. No big deal and not a problem to admit it. 
I am doing this for the sake of my deprived husband and I am doing this for the sake of my child. She's too young to know now but later she will appreciate the time we fought for our marriage to keep it alive and strong no matter what. 
Everyday I will talk about the challenges of the 30 challenges and also the change we have (good or bad). 
I will also be giving you a personal challenge everyday. I think that the small personal ones will make it easier on you.

So today - in prep for the 30 challenge that begins at midnight tonight, here is your challenge:
Shave above the knee ;)
I just did this and I'm feeling good. Time for the lotion and then getting ready for a small New Year's Eve party my husband and I are going to tonight. I'm sure he'll want to kick off the challenge at midnight ;)

Good luck and Happy New Year!


  1. Is your husband aware of this 30 day challenge??

  2. Yes he is. I had to make sure he was up to it too :)