Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3

We almost didn't make it last night! And I only wore his favorite panties for a few minutes before he took them off... but he enjoyed going through the drawer picking out a pair :)
we got into an argument yesterday. A pretty big one :( During the fight, I was thinking about the challenge and what I was going to post on here because I definitely did NOT want to have sex. But I was determined to get the fight over with so that I would want to have sex. In conclusion: We didn't have sex until after 11:30. We cut it too close! But since we were rushing to get the fight over with and rushing to beat the clock... hands down top 10 hottest sex so far!  It was so great! I could not be happier that we beat that argument and had sex anyway. So many nights we have gone to bed with an unsettled argument and we won't touch each other for several hours. But as good advice, we had always been told to never go to bed angry.
Now this challenge is a big one and not required especially if you have kids 2 and up. If you are able, sleep naked with each other every night if you already aren't. You won't sleep naked together if you're mad at each other, am I right? I remember getting into arguments and immediately putting something on. You don't want to be vulnerable at all when you're in a heated discussion. But if you make it a rule to sleep naked, you can't help but solve the problem before you take your clothes off for the night. Try it for the rest of the challenge and see the difference.
And as for today's small challenge:
send your husband text messages throughout the day that implies something a little dirty.
Tell him you can't wait for sex tonight and what you might wear if he's good. You know... take it from there. That will get you both in the mood and thinking about it all day will definitely help you look forward to it more.
Maybe even send him a suggestive picture if you're comfortable with that. I'm always nervous someone else might get the text but I still send one every once in a while anyway... I just make double, triple sure that it's going to my husband and no one else!!

Have fun sexting!

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