Tuesday, January 17, 2012

turns out...

you need internet to post blogs.
We just moved and are still working on getting the internet set up. I've been able to post on facebook from my phone and such but for some reason my blogger app hasn't been working and I haven't been able to post anything!!! :(
And... I shouldn't post while I'm at work... duh.
So here I am at a family member's house who understands! :)
Keep going ladies!! Everyday seems to be getting easier for the most part. Even with the move, I still manage to be in the mood at night when we put baby to bed.
However, I unfortunately started my period!! Even though I am breast feeding. I know, I totally feel jipped.
So there were three nights there that it was just play - like what I explained in the rules in the first post. (maybe the second?)
Feel encouraged!
There is a pastor in Grapevine, Texas... in case you haven't heard... who is challenging his congregation to have sex for seven days in a row! Apparently this is his second time to do this and they are just giddy about it. It's cute. Look up the interview. I'm sure it will be super easy to find. His name is Ed Young and his church is called Fellowship in Grapevine, Texas.
Anyways, I thought it was way cooler that we're above the seven days... we're doing a whole month! Give yourselves a pat on the back and then go have sex.

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