Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6

Life is busy busy busy.
I am a working mom and my husband is a busy man. We have family over a lot and we spend time with friends weekly. My husband and I are very social people and still are even after we had baby.
So in conclusion - I am going to write the challenge for the next day rather than today.
I am learning as I go here...
So for tomorrow's challenge, wear something a little special to bed! Some lingerie, something small, something sweet :) I always feel super sexy whenever I wear something for my husband to bed and it definitely helps you get in the mood. If you don't have anything, then wear one of his button up shirts and panties... anything small or incredibly oversized helps!
I love all the readers! I've been getting lots of views and I hope to get even more followers! Spread the word - I had a friend post on pinterest and on facebook so pass it on! If you have any friends you think might benefit from this challenge please give them the link. I really feel like the Lord has given this to me and I intend to make it as huge as He'll let me!
Have fun!!

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