Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 5

It's late and I almost didn't have a post for today :(
My husband and I did not have sex for day 4 yesterday. Instead we got into an argument that lasted past 12:30AM. I was hoping to have it resolved in time but my selfishness got in the way and I postponed the discussion until the last second and we didn't make it. So we ended up falling asleep without having sex.
So I decided that I'm starting back from the beginning again. The point is to have sex for 30 days in a row, not just 30 days - that's easy.
As I was sitting in the dark after midnight last night, I was thinking of what I was going to say on today's blog. This was so frustrating for me. I felt like I failed. But then my husband made me realize that this is part of the challenge. There are going to be hard days. The whole point of doing this 30 day challenge is to push ourselves. Of course it's going to be hard and there are going to be days we wished we weren't doing it anymore. That day was yesterday for us.
Needless to say, even though it took us a while, we fought through it because we knew it would have been worse if we ignored it and went to bed angry. Today was still a little rough but we definitely had an appreciation for each other and we had sex before midnight! :)
So seeing as day 5 is over - there is no added small challenge but I have a good one for tomorrow.
Sorry for the late post. This is definitely a work in process...


  1. I don't know that I have anything to ask or comment about. I just want you to know that you have gotten me thinking about an aspect of my marriage that needs great attention. I am in admiration of your purposefulness and intentionality. Thank you for allowing me to join you on your journey... (even though, for right now, I'm just an observer looking in)

  2. I so appreciate this comment!! Thanks so much! It's hard to post while simply hoping someone is out there benefiting from it without knowing for sure. I hope you do the challenge some day! Maybe when I'm at the end of our 30 days you can start from the beginning. Stay encouraged and keep reading! I am so happy you are getting something out of this!

  3. well I'm not doing the challenge yet, being 6 mo pregnant, I think I would just be setting myself up for failure lol, but I am conciously maing an effort to do it more lol.....your blog is helping my remember some important things (sexting, lingerie, etc)

    good job restarting after missing a day!