Thursday, January 19, 2012


My husband mentioned to me the other night his frustrations with this challenge.
The whole point of doing this challenge was so that we wouldn't treat sex like a chore. We would be able to enjoy it more and have more time for ourselves just to be together intimately.
He pointed out to me that this challenge has officially proven that it is a chore. There were so many nights where we were exhausted but HAD to have sex because of this challenge. There were other nights where we had to speed home so that we had time before midnight. Some nights were fun to try and beat the clock but others were frustrating and stressful. Did I mention we're in the middle of moving?? Yea... add the stress and strain of that, too! My husband was starting to see that this is getting way harder. I guess I was trying to act like it was all fine and dandy so that I didn't have to admit that something wasn't working out. How many of you are doing that very thing in your marriage? 
Marriage is rough guys, like I said, I would be stupid to say that it isn't! Sometimes I forget. My husband and I are an exceptional couple. I hate to sound arrogant but it's true. We went through hell to be together, several years of hell. Because of that, today we are incredibly strong and confident in our marriage. We have always refused to let the little stuff shake us and for that, I feel like I have taken advantage of it. We have such a strong foundation that I sometimes forget that it is possible for us to break simply because we're human. No matter the strength level you think you have in your marriage, there is still work to be done. On a daily basis!
What are you feeding your marriage? 
Here is a small challenge for the day:
before you after sex, doesn't matter... at some point today, pray with your husband. I don't care if it's something you do on a regular basis or not. Hold hands and pray. He might not even pray or say anything but let the Lord use you today. Pray for your marriage, your home, your kids, your finances... anything. Just lift it up to God and see what He does with it. This can even be more intimate that the sex you have or had today.

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