Saturday, January 21, 2012

so much more

there is so much more here than just having sex with your spouse. I'm sure you've already figured that out by now.
As we journey through this as a married couple, we are constantly being tested. We have been on edge from the lack of sleep and everything else that has been going on lately. You know... life. Life happens. Constantly.
Bills are late in getting paid, babies get sick or just plain cranky for no reason, family starts drama, friends start drama, people get married, people die... there are millions of reasons to have your marriage and your relationship on the back burner at night.
My husband and I are going through a major transition right now. Without giving too many details, we're moving into a house and simultaneously both of our hours get cut from work because our employers can't afford either of us at full time. This came out of nowhere and we are stuck. We still haven't even unpacked more that 10 boxes and it's staring us in the face that we cannot afford this new house even though we had gone over the budget over and over again to make sure that we could and there was clear direction, we felt, that led us to getting this house. It went over so smoothly and we had no one to thank but God. As soon as we feel like we're on the right path, we get hit by a semi truck.
this is life.
Life is constantly getting in the way. We won't want to have sex with each other right now. He's feeling depressed and angry, and I'm trying to keep what little faith I have so it's hard to even talk to him about how he is feeling. We're not on the same page. I don't want to get down on his level but I cannot get him on mine, so we're just not together on this.
So I'm making excuses on why we can't have sex right now. We're stressed. Money is tight. We're in the middle of a move. Baby didn't take a nap today and is driving me nuts. But guess what... that is life.
Life is the excuse to not have sex. 
As I look around me and start to see the women my age who were married when I was begin to go through a divorce. They say, I really thought we were the exception and that we were going to be married for life. No one gets married thinking they're going to get a divorce.
But life happens.
Let life be a good thing! I am so determined to do this now more than ever. With all of this junk piling up before us, it would be so easy to just drop it all and "give up"
I made a vow. Through sickness and in health, till death do us part.
End of story.
This crisis right now is a sickness and I vowed to be right there with him through this. If marriage was easy, there wouldn't be anything to promise at that alter.
This is life. This is how we are going to live in it. Will you be together with your spouse, or forget your vows?


  1. What a great post, Hannah! If God gave you peace about moving into this house, I believe He will be faithful in His plans for you and bring you through! I'll be praying for you guys!